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Good News from Fr. Jeff:
Coleen Hamilton
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Good News from Fr. Jeff:


Instructions: We are following the diocesan guidelines.

  • Come as you are; either alone or with family.
  • (Wearing a mask is not required, but encouraged)
  • The pews and seats are marked, so as to preserve social distancing.
  • If the seats upstairs are taken, then we have overflow capacity in the hall.  Mass will be live streamed downstairs.  Simply, participate and come upstairs when called for Communion.
  • In additions, all three masses will be lived streamed and accessible online (hopefully without any ”hiccups”).
  • If you feel vulnerable or at risk, these Masses are accessible from home on Saturday 4:30PM and Sunday 8:30AM and 1100 AM. Dispensation from Sunday Mass still applies for all who are feel at risk. If you are homebound due to illness and would like communion brought to you, please let us know. We have been worried about you!!
  • Finally, as a last resort for the normal Mass attendee who is super cautious and as a last option, only if the other options do not work for you:  Perhaps you have watched the Mass at home but still want to receive the Sacrament of Eucharist.  
  • You will have the opportunity after the 11 AM Mass on Sunday, to come and receive communion (around 12: 05, to give time for the people at 11 am mass to leave).

SOCIAL EVENTS like donuts and coffee after Mass, receptions still are not permitted.

WEEK DAY MASSES: Resumed, normal times

CLEANING: We have spray bottles to clean pews after each Mass. Hopefully some parishioners are willing to help.

BATHROOMS: One person at a time in bathrooms, with cleaning products available after each use.

CONFESSIONS: And Yes, confessions are as normally scheduled.

Of course, things can change quickly, and we hope for the best as we move forward.

This is really good news for us.

Christ’s peace,

fr jeff  WELCOME BACK!!

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