Homilies, Scripture Reflections & Modern Issues


Fr. Jeff's Homilies and Reflections on Modern Issues

I Am Yours, You Are Mine
Click to hear the homily.31st Sunday Ordinary TimeI Am Yours, You Are Mine Are you waiting to see a miracle or are you allowing the miracle to happen in you: the miracle of God's Goodness! Lk 19  Zaccheus     

Grace Rather Than Politics
Click to hear the homily.30th Sunday Ordinary TimeStrengthening TrustLk 18: 9-14Grace like water flows downhill to lowly places and the cry of the lowly pierces the clouds. Sometimes personal and national trials or tribulations put us in that lowly place where grace flows.    

Strengthening Trust
Click to hear the homily.29th Sunday Ordinary TimeStrengthening TrustLk 18:1-8 we can learn a lot from a widow who doesn't give up!     

Act of Thanks to Dry Tears
Click to hear the homily.28th Sunday Ordinary Time  Act of Thanks to Dry Tears How can we help dry tears? Not sure if Eucharistic healing is in the Bible?Lk 17: 1-11