Homilies, Scripture Reflections & Modern Issues


Fr. Jeff's Homilies and Reflections on Modern Issues

Sexual Confusion-Theory
Click to hear the homily.A Brief Reflection Sexual confusion Theory   We mistake theory for facts.  So it might help to reflect on theory in general and especially theory of sexuality. Again, all sexuality is such a sensitive part of our lives that we must handle such discussions reverently. I don’t feel comfortable talking about such things publicly, but at least I can treat this as a sacred topic. Theology can greatly help theory.  In two minutes or less, I will give it a try.  

For Those in Bible Study
Click to hear the homily.A Brief Reflection For those involved in Bible Study - Part One   Bible study is accessible to everyone, is encouraged and  is not difficult to read or understand in most cases. Bible study is like medicine , good for the soul.  However , every medicine comes with a caution on the label. Good to know what the caution is.  Keep in mind, the Bible is not the whole Christ.  Christ is the Word of God speaking to us through the Bible and the people of God(the Living Tradition, succession of the Apostles).  We must always be in touch with the whole Christ when we read the Bible. There are other areas of caution that may be good to know.   If you read the bible on your own or in a bible group, maybe this little five minute message can help.

Coping Mechanism
Click to hear the homily.3rd Sunday of Advent Coping Mechanism   Is 35:1-10, Jas 5:7-10, Mt 11:2-11   Most of life, physical or spiritual, is coping. Life is 80% coping and 20% overcoming. People with chronic illness teach us how to help each other cope.

Where is the Mother, There is Healing
Click to hear the homily.Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin MaryWhere is the Mother, there is healing.   Mary is blessed with original freedom and so is Eve.  What happened? May Mother help us find original freedom again, freedom for the Word, freedom for the other, freedom to love.