Homilies, Scripture Reflections & Modern Issues


Fr. Jeff's Homilies and Reflections on Modern Issues

Dance with Me - Undivided Unity
Click to hear the homily. God as Trinity  is not abstract like a math formula.  God is an eternal Dance of Unity.  How do we join the dance?  How do we finally unite with one another in humanity? t 

God Chooses the Imperfect
Click to hear the homily.God Chooses the Imperfect Ok, I am imperfect.  Now what?  I am a wanted man or woman?   You still want me to do your work, Lord? 

Holy Spirit: From Breaking Point to Turning Point
Click to hear the homily.Holy Spirit: From Breaking Point to Turning Point  Perhaps our world is at a turning point not a breaking point? 

Mother's Day 2017
Click to hear the homily.Mother's Day 2017  Did you know you are wonderfully made?  Don’t we want other people to know they too are wonderfully made?  Isn’t that evangelization?