Homilies, Scripture Reflections & Modern Issues


Fr. Jeff's Homilies and Reflections on Modern Issues

Who do I treasure?
Click to hear the homily.26th Sunday Ordinary Time   Who do I treasure? Not what do I treasure!   Have we missed opportunities to Treasure someone!! (Lk 16:19-31)  

A Remedy - Simplicity
Click to hear the homily.25th Sunday Ordinary Time In a complex world of financial stress and inter cultural relationships, let's help each other out by developing the virtue of simplicity. A simple heart as a profound solution!

Does Church hate gays?
Click to hear the homily.A Brief Reflection Fr. Jeff in two minutes or less tries to address the myth that the church hates gays. Again, it is far from complete, but a good starting point… 

The Way to Peace is to trust in His Mercy
Click to hear the homily.24th Sunday Ordinary TimeCompare Mercy in the picture of Rembrandt’s Prodigal son and Faustian’s Image of Divine Mercy: 

Humble Me
Click to hear the homily.22nd Sunday Ordinary TimeAnthony of the desert lived in a cave. He was attacked by all kinds of demons. When asked how he got rid of them, he said, " humility, humility, humility." We all have our "demons" to drive out with humility. But, we might have the wrong idea of what humility is...

Does Church hate women?
Click to hear the homily.A Brief ReflectionHelp from the pastor Description In 2 minutes , I hope to take away a misunderstanding. It is short and sweet . It does not deny sins of people who misrepresented the church but it gives the picture of those who do represent the church!! That picture is lost in today's view!! It is incomplete but gives pause for appreciation of Mother Church!  

Lord, give me Wisdom
Click to hear the homily.23rd Sunday Ordinary TimeHere in Luke 14:25-33 , our Lord gives us further instruction on how to live in the family. Can the Lord ask a mother to love something or someone more than her own children? Yes and more. Find out why ?     Lord give me Wisdom!!